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About the Shy Guy

My name is Richard French and for the first years of my romantic “career”, I was about as clumsy as a person could be. In fact, buddies used to razz me by calling me “The Shy Guy.”

But one day, at age 26, sitting in the Student Union Building of a small college, I had a sudden brainstorm that transformed my life between one cup of coffee and the next.

I saw something … different … a new way of looking at the problem of finding a woman, picking up a ‘chick,’ getting a girlfriend, finding romance. Call it what you will, I suddenly saw that the usual way we go about it is completely backwards, and there’s a simpler way, and it actually works.

I wound up testing it. It worked. I tested it more. It worked big time. So I wrote it up, and friends tested my method, and it worked every single time. So now, for all my lonely friends who would like to have a little more action in their lives …

The Easy-To-Follow Romance How-To Manual I wish I’d had years ago!

The World’s First actual Guidebook that
teaches How to Get a Girlfriend while
having fun, and works for everyone!

What is MOST fascinating about this manual is that it is completely original, and uses a revolutionary new approach to supercharge the way you go about it … from the Inside Out. You don’t need to memorize a bunch of “pick-up” lines. You don’t need to hang out in bars. You don’t need to mutter a lot of “positive thinking.”

And when for the first time in your life you know how romantic attraction really works, you’ll just naturally relax, you’ll begin to feel comfortable, begin to feel at ease, and you’ll begin to feel right at home … with women.

This method works from the Inside Out to show you how the process of getting comfortable begins, and how you can practice, just like practicing a golf swing, or practicing a video game, and it’s fun all the time you’re getting better and better! Because you’re not practicing with a golf club. You’re not practicing with a paddle or a mouse. You’re practicing with women. You get to meet women, you get to go out with women, you get to have fun with women. What you get is … you get … women.

And this, as you say, is a damn good thing.

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