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Enjoy the Bonus Material!

Hi, it’s Richard French, the Shy Guy,

If you’re seeing this, then probably you just downloaded one of the regular or unannounced bonuses that come with your purchase of the Sweetheart method — How to get a Girlfriend (or a Boyfriend) … Guaranteed!

I hope you’ve been finding a chance to study the method, and to begin putting it into effect.

If you have, then either you’re already getting some good results, or you will be getting results soon.

The main thing is to persist.

Once, many years ago, when I was downhearted and talking to a buddy of mine, he said, “You know, Richard, if you persist … you’ll win.”

I’ll repeat this for you.

If you do the method … if you persist … you’ll win.

Enjoy the bonus, and I’m hoping you’re also enjoying the game …

— Richard French, the Shy Guy

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