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How to Pick Up Girls (Part 5)


I’ve been describing an excellent exercise for getting to meet some women, even if you’re way shy. This exercise makes it easy.

Summary: You go someplace with lots of women. You walk along the way, and as you pass each one you say something. But don’t stop; just keep walking. At the far end, turn around and come back. And now, with each one, practice starting up a conversation.

And the marvy thing is that they will nearly always chat with you, when it’s on your way back.

Here’s How it Works


Why would this work? Why will she almost always talk with you when you return?

It’s because when you return she thinks she knows you! You’ve moved yourself into the class of guy who she’s talking with for the second time. You see, women can be protective and cautious the first time they meet somebody, but they don’t usually have a habit of being so cautious the second time they’re chatting with somebody, and you’ve just moved yourself into that category.

Getting Beyond Shyness

The second wonderful thing about this technique is that it helps you get beyond shyness. If you’ve ever felt tongue-tied in the past, this method is great. You see, there’s so little to lose, since you’re walking away. And if you say something so dumb that the sky should fall … who cares? And if you’ve spoken to a half-dozen women, you can blow it with five and still meet somebody, and that ain’t bad!

Using this particular method in the hallway at San Francisco State, on that particular morning, I met Barbara A., the writer, but that’s another story.

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