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Inertia — How to Approach a Woman

Like most things in life, the things you do that actually work are usually very simple.

Usually you don’t need much help in noticing some attractive woman whom you would like to approach. It’s simple.

First you see her. You say ‘hubba-hubba!’ in your mind, and you know that you’d like to be closer to her. You’d like to be talking with her. You’d like her to be smiling as you speak. You’d like her to flirt with you. You’d like her to give you her number. You’d like to take her on a date. You’d like to take her home. You’d like to carry her into the bedroom-

Oops! Wait a minute. I got a little carried away. Maybe you got a little carried away, too.

But when you see her, and you start thinking these things, what actually happens?

All too often, when you’re just learning about women, you freeze like a deer in the headlights.

So in that case, it will be helpful to study “Inertia” and “The Five-Second Rule.”


Main Entry: in·er·tia
Pronunciation: i-'n&r-sh&, -shE-&
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, from Latin, lack of skill, from inert-, iners
1 : a property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force
2 : indisposition to motion, exertion, or change

Do you realize that, when you get frozen, you are exhibiting “inertia”?

That is, because you were “at rest,” your natural inclination as a creature in this physical universe, is to remain “at rest.” And although your mental processes are urging you to go into motion, there is the resistance of inertia.

The actual neurons inside your brain have habitual ways of firing. Things outside your common existence generally don’t have pre-built patterns built into the neurons inside your brain. That’s why new things feel clumsy, and why you have to think things through a lot, whereas later with something you know well like driving a car, you hardly have to think at all, because now you have pre-built patterns, which we then call ‘habits,’ and ‘skills.’

So the law of inertia also applies to your development of neuronal patterns in your own brain, as you learn new skills. At first, you’ll experience resistance, clumsiness, feelings of disorientation, perhaps fears, and you’ll want to think things through carefully.

However, when it comes to approaching an attractive woman, if you remain “at rest” and thinking and thinking and thinking, the danger is that some existing past patterns of flops and failures of any similar situation may be triggered by your rooting around in your own mind and memories. These will then tend to active some pre-existing patterns in your brain which consist of worries and less-than-delightful emotions.

So pausing to think … works against you.

It’s natural. It’s only human. But it works against you.

Thus … the “Five Second Rule.”


Main Entry: five·se·cond·rule
Pronunciation: 'fif-'se-kund-'rool
Function: noun phrase
Etymology: from Latin, get thee a move on, from rulare-, rulinus
1 : a success strategy consisting of walking toward the woman within five seconds of spotting her, whether you know what you’re doing or not
2 : urgent commandment that thou gettest thee off thine butt

The Five-Second Rule states that you must make a move within five seconds. That’s not very long. It’s just about long enough to say —


“Should I?

“Shouldn’t I?

“Well, hell!

“Here I go …”


Let’s look at the logic of this: You see, when you follow this strategy, it’s clear that when you get in front of her, you might win, or you might lose, but for sure you’ll do something, and some sort of result will ensue. And that guarantees that learning will occur.

So your possible outcomes are: You might win. And for sure you *will* learn something.

Compare that to the possible outcome when you don’t approach at all: You lose. And you learn nothing.

Let’s see now. On one hand we have “Might win and certainly learn”, and on the other hand we have “Must lose and learn nothing.”

Which is better?

It takes very little analysis to see that the Five-Second Rule strategy is the winning strategy. And there are two wonderful side-benefits …


Extra Benefit #1: If you will repeat this numerous times in rapid succession with different women, the laws of probability say that you’re going to get a woman. Period.

Extra Benefit #2: Remember that law of inertia? Well, what if you get into the habit of motion? What if, because of your new strategy, you become a body which is “in motion?” The law of inertia states that you will tend to remain in motion. What does that feel like? As you will experience for yourself, it feels like this: You will discover that you feel very comfortable approaching a woman anytime, any place.

Cool. The law of intertia, working *for* you. Unstoppable, you is.

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